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Alex (Selena Gomez) Wins the Wizard Competition…

6 Jan

Hopefully you were watching tonight’s Wizards of Waverly Place – the Family Wizard Competition! Twitter was definitely buzzing hours leading up to the premier and over here…well, the tension was high! The episode had lots of twists & turns, drama & even more drama. From Zeke turning purple and being eaten (and thrown up) by a griffin…to the Russo siblings going to rescue Harper and Zeke and getting disqualified from the wizard competition….and then finding out they were back in the competition!

In the end, Alex won! Well, initially Justin won. But seconds before Professor Crumbs dubbed him the family wizard, Justin admitted the only reason he won was because Alex came back to help him!

I totally applaud the honesty, btw!

And it paid off…after Professor Crumbs announced Alex as the family wizard, he announced he was retiring and wanted Justin to take his place. In the end, Justin became a wizard too! So Alex gets to keep her werewolf beau and Justin gets to keep his vampire boo!

You can still catch Max at the Waverly Sub Station!!!



Saying Goodbye to Wizards of Waverly Place…

30 Dec

The countdown has begun for the final episode of Wizards of Waverly Place. It’s going to be really difficult to say goodbye to the Russos! Friday, January 6th we’ll get to see which of the Russo siblings will win the wizard competition and ultimately, become the family wizard!

psst…I hear Bridgit Mendler (Good Luck Charlie) will be back for an appearance during Friday’s one hour episode!

Are YOU gonna miss Wizards of Waverly Place as much as we will?