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Boots That Make Snow Seem Sweet…

11 Jan

Being that all of us here at In{b}tween Boutique are Chicagoans, we’re no stranger to snow…but that doesn’t mean we always like it. This winter has been unusually warm…so warm, there was NO snow on Christmas Day…and there still isn’t.

If you’re anywhere near here, you’ve probably already heard someone mention that the weather is supposed to change tonight…drastically – temps are dropping to 20 degrees and we’re expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow!

Initially, we were pretty bummed about it…but we took to the net and found several pair of hot (and mostly affordable) winter boots – now we’re looking forward to it!



OPI – A Case of the Muppets…

30 Dec

Have you heard…the OPI we all know and love has an entire nail color line based off the Muppets!!! That’s right, now you can actually paint your nails to pay tribute to your favorite (or your parents’ favorite) Muppet baby!!! From colors like “Animal-istic” for Animal to “Fresh Frog of Bel-Air” for you guessed it, Kermit! They’ve even got a really hot glittery blue – “Gone Gonzo” for all you Gonzo heads and of course, the collection would be incomplete without “Gettin’ Miss Piggy wit It!”

Come to think of it…that Kermit and Ms. Piggy kinda sound like they were trying to give a low key shout out to Will Smith! Who knows!!!

Tell us which of these are your fave – character and color!!!